The Door Swings Shut, the Universe Says Hello


There's a bittersweet pang when a door closes, a chapter ends. It's the sigh of the familiar fading, the rustle of uncertainty taking its place. But within that sigh, among the rustle, lies a secret whisper: endless possibility.

For every door that shuts. It's not an ending, but a crazy plot twist, a chance to rewrite the narrative with a stronger hand. Embrace the new with the excitement of your younger self stepping onto a beach. Let the sand hug your toes, the waves crash against you, and the ocean breathe life to your imagination

Remember, every closed door becomes a stepping stone, each farewell a prelude to a more extraordinary hello. It's not about forgetting the past, but about listening to its lessons to fuel your next adventure. So, step forward, dear soul, with eyes wide open and a heart brimming with endless ideas. The universe is waiting to witness your next act.


Keep Going in your Perfectly Imperfect life

Always Grateful,



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