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Cristina V

Personal shopping

Forget the overwhelming aisles and endless choices. With a wave of your hand, ready to transform shopping from a chore into a playdate. Tell me your desires, whisper your dreams, and I will a tapestry of fashion and homeware that speaks your language. Imagine stepping into a world where every item whispers your name. Clothes that drape effortlessly, colors that dance with your personality, and textures that sing against your skin. Discover hidden gems, rediscover forgotten favorites, and unveil the wardrobe you never knew you craved. But the stage extends beyond your personal expression. Let's transform your living space into a sanctuary that reflects your soul. Imagine plush throws that beckon you to unwind, vibrant artwork that sparks conversation, and furniture that molds to your every comfort. Every corner will hum with your energy, a testament to your unique story. So, step into the spotlight, dear protagonist. The next act is about to begin. This is your chance to rewrite the script, to redefine your style, and to create a home that resonates with your truest self. Let the personal shopping experience be your grand opening night, where you, the star, shine brighter than ever before.
Personal Shopping

Having a hard time finding that perfect gift? Not enough time in your busy schedule?

Let Eugenia help you with her personal shopping program.  We now offer one-on-one playdate

shopping made easier



Walking into ALTERd Home feels like your walking into a dreamy mix of Boho/modern/vintage, a funhouse of jewels and Buddha’s. Comfy sweatshirts adorned with skulls, fantastic totes and an eclectic mix of baubles for every budget. The owner is gracious and will either let you browse or offer help if needed. One of my favorite spots in Northport Village!

marlies b.
Northport, NY

Love the personal customer service touch. I’ve bought several items and they get it right every time whether a gift for myself or another.

Chris B
Long Island

Love!!!! One of my favorite boutiques!!! Beautiful unique items and quick shipping!!! A must to check out!

Amy M.
Setauket, Long Island

I bought this jacket on Saturday and I love, love, love it. Looking forward to shopping some more at my new favorite boutique. Thank You

Irene D.
Long Island

Nancy K

I ordered several items from Eugenia at AH. She was so helpful in offering personal service and support, and shipped my items promptly. I am delighted with all of my purchases! Quality was excellent and prices were reasonable. I continue to browse her online shop often for interesting, stylish items for my wardrobe and my home. If you live nearby you should check it out in person, but if you live far or are not venturing out, check her website! I highly recommend!

Nancy K

This is such a fabulous find in the town of Northport! They have such amazing and unique items including art, jewelry, clothes and eclectic gifts. The entire store has an artistic flair and the owner is a wonderful lady who makes you feel like you just stepped into a home away from home.

Alissa R.
Northport, NY



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