The Peacekeeper Necklace

The Peacekeeper Necklace

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The Buddha reminds you to reserve judgement and practice empathy. With a focus on compassion, radical acceptance begins and suffering diminishes.

The corno (horn in Italian) is a popular amulet for protection. It is believed to safe-guard the wearer from bad omens and the evil eye. 

Green Amethyst brings the head and the heart together. It enables an emotional response that is informed by the thinking mind. Green amethyst also nurtures compassion and acceptance of those less fortunate.

The circle symbolizes the commonality of the human experience, encouraging you to step into the flow. A person with good juju radiates compassion, caring and connectedness. It’s the best kind of contagious

  • Mother of Pearl Buddha measures .75" x 5"
  • Hand-faceted crystal measures .5" x .75"
  • Ring measures 1" wide
  • Corno measures 1"
  • chains are 1.2 mm ball-style
  • 18K gold plated